Bee Sykes ACC (ICF)

I am an Expat/Repat Transition Coach specialising in:

★ Career Development & Job Search Assistance
★ Integration & Cross-Cultural Competence
★ Relationships & Life Design

Please select an appointment below to book.

Complimentary Discovery Call

Effective coaching is a productive partnership between coach and coachee and this phone call will help you determine whether coaching is for you and if we are a good fit. It is not a coaching session and completely obligation free.

I would like to hear your story and gain a clear understanding of your current challenges. You will get to know me, learn about my work and what to expect when working with me. If we are a good fit, we can move forward together to create action plan and personalised coaching program to help you achieve your goals.

30 minutes

Coaching Session

If you have had a discovery call or coaching session with me, you are very welcome to select a convenient time for your next coaching session and book yourself in. I would be delighted to speak with you again.

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